about us

Goldman Landow Capital, LLC, was launched in January 2013 to create relative value strategies for institutional money managers who need to work within the new regulatory framework within the capital markets arena.  Goldman Landow Capital’s core business has centered on creating yield enhancement strategies for Beneficial Owners of U.S. Treasuries.  Goldman Landow Capital has introduced to the marketplace a process (not a product) called U.S. Treasury Alpha PLUS.  Alpha PLUS is a conservative approach to collateral optimization of U.S. Treasuries.  Alpha PLUS offers Beneficial Owners higher risk adjusted returns, while preserving principal, ensuring liquidity, while being void of any reinvestment strategy. 

Goldman Landow is also the originator of the “Portfolio Insurance Trade” better known as the Black Swan Option. The firm is led by its founder and CEO, Lew Goldman.  Lew has more than 30 years of diverse Wall Street experience, having distinguished himself by leading the way in developing and distributing new products, and strategies throughout his career.  

Goldman Landow Capital has recently partnered with a veteran owned and operated money manager to help eradicate the homelessness plight of our nations Veterans.  Goldman Landow Capital would like to see Beneficial Owners adopt the U.S. Treasury Alpha PLUS process, and then donate a percentage of the new found alpha to those veteran initiatives which support the homeless veteran.

Goldman Landow Capital, LLC has offices in Manhattan and Long Island.​