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CEO Lew Goldman, the son of a Disabled American Veteran, has recently partnered with a veteran owned and operated money manager to help eradicate the homelessness plight of our nations veterans.  Lew believes beneficial owners of U.S. Treasuries who adopt the U.S. Treasury Alpha PLUS process can play a major role in supporting this much needed veterans initiative without investing any new monies, and/or sacrificing liquidity.  If you would consider using your U.S. Treasury positions to generate alpha, then your institution can make a difference to those veterans who are in need of sustainable shelter.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) estimates that on any given night there are 50,000 homeless veterans sleeping on the streets across our great country.  We believe any institution, whether a state or local municipality, pension fund, corporation, hedge fund, and money manager, individually or collectively can in just a few years eradicate the veteran homelessness issue facing our country.  The Alpha PLUS Veterans Initiative (APVI) can succeed without participants spending any money, without taking counterparty risk, or doing any work.  The U.S. Treasury Alpha PLUS process affords owners of U.S. Treasuries the opportunity to take idle treasury positions sitting at the owners custodian collecting dust, and converts the dust into yield.  This new found revenue stream is what we hope Beneficial Owners of U.S. Treasuries would donate to veteran charities supporting veteran homelessness, or parts thereof.

To learn more please contact Lew Goldman at 

lgoldman@goldmanlandowcapital.com or call 516-223-3932.