Our Beginning

Goldman Landow Capital was founded in January 2013 by 30+ year Wall Street veteran Lew Goldman who set out to show Beneficial Owners of U.S. Treasury securities they could earn additional yield without adding any additional risk factors.  At the same time, Lew recognized access to dealer balance sheets became expensively restrictive and a solution was needed to make the markets more liquid.  Goldman Landow’s mission was now set.  Introduce liquidity in exchange for yield enhancement without adding any additional risk factors.  It was obvious to Lew the way to accomplish this is by lowering the borrowing cost to speculators (the liquidity engine) of U.S. Treasury securities and compensate the lenders (Beneficial Owners) of U.S. Treasury securities where both parties’ benefit.  After years of research, conversations with academia, and countless meetings with industry experts, and of course Beneficial Owners, Lew created a simple to execute “2 Step Repo Process” which lowers U.S. Treasury borrower costs and generates yield enhancement for lenders while being devoid of the two major risks associated with securities lending (counterparty and cash collateral reinvestment risk).


Our Company

Goldman Landow Capital’s primary business is providing consulting services to Institutional Investors, Asset Managers, Fund Sponsors, Registered Investment Advisors, Banks, Agent Lenders, Robo Advisers, and Broker-Dealers.  We specialize in developing strategies for Beneficial Owners of U.S. Treasury securities, who seek to enhance the returns of their Separate Managed Accounts, their Money Market Funds, ETF’s, as well as Equity and Bond Funds.  Goldman Landow will also work with managers who would like to launch new funds embracing our strategies.  Adoption of Goldman Landow Capital’s Alpha PLUS strategy within an SEC Rule 2a-7, AAA-rated U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund resulted in catapulting a stable $1.00 NAV Fund to outperforming all Treasury and Government Money Market Funds.