Goldman Landow Capital, LLC, offers securities through Fox Chase Capital Partners, LLC, an SEC‐­registered broker dealer, member of FINRA, SIPC, and MSRB.

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Our Founder, Lew Goldman

Goldman Landow Capital was founded in January 2013 by 30+ year Wall Street veteran Lew Goldman to satisfy the needs of both Beneficial Owners and Proprietary Traders of U.S. Treasury securities.  Lew having extensive experience within the fixed income markets recognized his clients need for a solution to lower borrowing costs when accessing one’s balance sheet post credit crisis.  With this singular goal (lowering borrowing costs) in hand, Lew created a simple to execute “2 Step Repo Process” which not only lowers U.S. Treasury borrower costs, but also generates additional yield for lenders while being devoid of the two major risks associated with securities lending (counterparty and cash collateral reinvestment risk).

Our Company

Goldman Landow Capital is the holding company from which the firms’ “2 Step Repo Process” acts as the catalyst to drive revenue growth.  Users of the “2 Step Repo Process’ can be mutual funds, ETF’s, Professional Trading Firms (PTF’s), or any other Beneficial Owner of U.S. Treasuries.  Goldman Landow Capital also owns all or parts of companies launched by our own team or through forming strategic partnerships.  


Our Vision

Our goal and the vision of the firm is the successful buildout of AgentLenderPLUS. “AgentLender” is a securities lending company and the “PLUS” is a complimentary electronic communications network (ECN) platform which meets the needs of all our U.S. Treasury Beneficial Owners.  One screen interface enabling our clients to buy and sell U.S. Treasury securities, lend those securities, invest excess cash in our client’s mutual funds, issue deposits and commercial paper of our clients, just to name a few, all while generating incremental yield enhancement and or lowering borrowing costs.