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By: Lewis Goldman

Date: December 2020

Is there a better and safer way for cash-rich institutions to overcome the vanishing act of yield and achieve such results? At Goldman Landow Capital (GLC), we believe the answer is a resounding YES! 

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By: Lewis Goldman

Date: June 2020

During times of crisis it becomes evident that most, if not every investment portfolio will contain some amount of short term U.S. Treasury securities for the following reasons; 

1. Provide a safe liquid position if cash is needed.

2. Provide a guaranteed return of principal as well as an agreed upon return on principal.

3. Provide a hedge against potential losses on riskier investments.

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By: Mike Krasner

The Semper U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund, an innovative Government Institutional money-market mutual fund with a difference, has burst upon the scene and quickly demonstrated the ability to plump up investment returns for its investors.

The Semper U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund (Ticker: SEMXX) was launched April 16, 2018, and has since consistently outperformed all other Treasury money-market funds and, in many instances, most if not all other Government MMFs.

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By: Andrew Neil, Global Investor ISF Magazine

Date: February 2017

Alpha PLUS technique revolves around back-to-back repo agreements.

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Greenberg Traurig White Paper

By: Robert Frenchman

Date: January 2017

The Alpha PLUS Yield Enhancement Process – Legal Issues for Beneficial Owners.


This GT White Paper discusses legal and regulatory issues relevant to beneficial owners of U.S. Treasury securities who are interested in pursuing yield enhancement strategies. It provides some legal and regulatory context for beneficial owners to understand Alpha PLUS, a yield enhancement process that uses master repurchase agreements to effect substitutions of collateral—in this case, U.S. Treasury securities that mature within a 16-day radius—that the beneficial owner has deemed to be of equivalent yield. Each collateral substitution earns the beneficial owner a fee from a designated counterparty, as provided in an annex to the repo agreement. As discussed below, we have concluded that collateral substitutions under Alpha PLUS are not purchases or sales, are not hypothecations or rehypothecations, do not violate SEC Rule 2a-7, and do not require indemnification from a custodian or an agent lender.

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To review the complete Greenberg Traurig White Paper, please submit a request to Lew Goldman at

By: Lewis Goldman

Date: March 2018

Can a stable $1.00 NAV U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund yield the same as a floating NAV Prime Money Market Fund?


Goldman Landow Capital explores the advantages a U.S. Treasury Money Market Fund has over Prime Money Market Funds and if these advantages can lead to better performance which can narrow the gap between Treasury Funds and Prime Funds.

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